Monday, July 6, 2009

Authors Actions - Determination!

Sharing together...Experiencing together...Learning together. We have heard view points from teens, educators and parents on determination. From this we can see that no matter what a person's age or education, everyone has something valuable to share; and it is when we are able to learn from each others experiences that we are then able to gain from each experience to better ourselves.
When we look at the bigger picture in each of our lives and look at what is important personally, determination is a very valuable quality which allows on-going benefits for all of us who utilize this trait. It is not something we are born with, it is something we learn, and know first and foremost that there is a need to be open to this principal playing in our lives. When we look at the dreams that we each have, we first need to be determined to achieve these dreams no matter whether you are a teen , educator or parent.

Within each of us, we all have aspirations, things of importance, things we are passionate about, and when we act on these by taking small or big steps of action, it is determination within us that plays itself out and helps us get through. With each individual, we come in contact with, we need to know and realize that there is a "best seller" inside everyone and tapping into that story is what it is all about. So, as we each share the information, the experiences that we have; this is where the value is and sharing that with others is where a difference will be made in someone else's life.
We are not talking about gossiping about your friend down the street or casting doubt on someone's abilities, we are talking about giving hope, encouraging words that provide seeds for growth in everyone, and the importance of consistency with this. So get determined, be determined and show your determination to yourself and others!

By Mark Hansen & Kevin Ferber

Educator Enrichment - Determination!

Determination...probably one of the most powerful words we have...and why is that? We know whether or not we have determination ONLY when we have it. Otherwise, it is just one of those words we take pride in being able to pronounce, even though we may not have a clue what it means to possess this extremely valuable quality! In thought, it is related to the foundation of a building being built-- strong, solid, persistent, and projected to last through anything. Actually, determination is a characteristic that drives the process of achieving positive outcomes for our goals, our future and ultimately our destiny. We know that life is a journey, beginning with today, and ending when our work is finished here, and being determined is simply the act of resilient forward motion to carry out our plan to succeed at whatever it is we desire to achieve. Are you determined to finish school? -to get that great job? -to get along with others? -to conquer illness with good health?-to bring peace and happiness into our world? Regardless of the journey or the goal, determination is the vehicle we use to keep going toward short term and long term success!

Okay, HOW do we acquire being determined, you may be asking? Set your goals, plan with positive thinking, and do everything possible to make it happen. Be realistic, consider others along the way, play fair, work hard, and keep the vision alive with your persistence. When we reach our goals, that's great! Other times, we only come close, but much further than we even thought we could, and that's awesome! Then sometimes along the way, we discover accomplishing certain goals may no longer be worthwhile and need to be altered; how awesome to be in charge of your own path! Being determined with vigor and personal motivation allows us to discover something even better than was originally planned! Now that's achieving success with a positive outcome, the very purpose of determination!

It has been said that dreams are wishes of the heart, and it is determination that can put the plan in motion to make our dreams happen. Can you do it? Can you make the decision to pursue your dreams with enthusiasm as you journey through every day of your life? Absolutely, as long as you are determined to keep moving forward in a positive way in both thought and deed. Read, research, plan, and get started today making the most of your life-your determination really does make a difference!

By Laura Tomasello

Parent Pulse - Determination!

Determination dictates our willingness to accomplish our goals. The harder we work at something with great passion the more are thoughts and dreams will determine are destiny, with positive results. If we are thinking positively and acting positively, anything is possible.

As a single mother of two teenage children in their teens it is not an easy task which has been assigned to me along with daily life decisions that need to be made. Since this is the path on the road to life I chose many years ago to get divorced and raise our children by myself to the best of my ability I am determined to raise my children to the best of each one of their ability. Since this is a challenging job it has been my choice to take parenting classes, talk with therapists, my mother and other friends/mothers with similar life styles and issues to hear what works and doesn't work. This doesn't mean when I ask for advice it is written in stone. Everyone needs to find what works for them. It is pleasing and important to provide positive goals for children daily. Some of those goals are love, safety/security, shelter/food, an appropriate education, and a shoulder to cry on or just to be there to listen. It is the determination and faith that I have in myself that helps me provide these traits that are best in life for them.

Sometimes I fail and have failed with decisions I have made until I decided to change my life style and the path of the road that I was taking and if I didn't my life stayed stagnant. My brain repeats over and over "It is the meaning of insanity...repeating the same mistakes over and over expecting differerent results."

I use these failed decisions as examples to correct the previous problem from re-occuring again. My decisions and actions change the result in the future by staying in the positive.

Even though life isn't always fair or unfair, if you keep a positive attitude and belief in yourself you will make a difference, the positive one that you had strived for.

Don't ever give up on determination, otherwise what do you have left?

By Lisa Hull

Teen Talk - Determination

Everyday and every night I hear the same words from my parents. In the morning it's "good morning did you have a good sleep". At night it's "Have a good sleep don't let the bed bugs bite". In addition, I also hear at night, "You need to go to sleep, so you will be fresh for school and learn lots". Then in the morning I hear, "you have to get out of bed, to go to school, and learn so you can be successful." At first, and for the longest time, I went along with it and thought nothing of it. Until, I told my parents that I no longer wanted to hear these phrases because they meant nothing. So, for weeks they said other things to me - some I remember some I don't. Over those weeks something changed and I could not pinpoint it at first. Then I realized finally what it was.

I found that the phrases and words that my parents shared consistently over and over again, were words that helped me build a foundation (without me even knowing it until it was gone) for me to be determined and to be my best I could be. It was there silly way to say that they loved me, cared for me and wanted me to be the best; so that I could be happy, independent and successful.

So, while I and many of my friends often think our parents are being corny, strange, dumb, un-cool, un-caring, and flat out weird; in reality they are building a foundation for us to stand on our own and become strong willed determined adults who can then care and take care of others.

I now see that, and have begun to offer my friends special words of sentiments during tough times to let them know that I'm there for them. Our soccer team this year finally won the title - the first time in 7 years. I like to think that my determination made the difference.

Life Is The Classroom!

It had been a dream of ours (Kevin & I) to provide valuable information and insights for bringing teens, parents, and educators together . It is important that we have a united effort and the time has come as we continue to develop are leaders for tomorrow. Over the next 7 months we will be talking about different traits for developing a winning life for parents, educators and teens.

Every month you will see that our newsletter 'Life is the Classroom' gives a perspective from each group (teens, parents, educators) from different parts of the country, sharing together , experiencing together and growing together. It is not a secret that education is the key to a successful society, and it is this newsletter that we feel will provide a much needed perspective on the direction of the future of our youth. This issue is about determination (discussions around) and the importance of making a solid commitment from each of us in the direction in which we wish to go, to live...

So, let's kick it off. In todays world with so many opportunities and choices and challenges, choices we each have to make, it is so important to comit yourself to what you want to acheive. We hear so often from youth, "How am I going to know what it is that I want to acheive?" Well, that is something that comes to each of us over time, the time we each give ourselves to explore are own interests and explore things we wish to pursue, time to explore the dreams we have for ourselves. Once we have this time, we are able to narrow are thoughts to the areas that really inspire us and encourage us enough to acheive it!! That is where your determination (your inner engine) comes into play because this determination is what will propel each of us on the path of what is most important to yourself.