Monday, July 6, 2009

Teen Talk - Determination

Everyday and every night I hear the same words from my parents. In the morning it's "good morning did you have a good sleep". At night it's "Have a good sleep don't let the bed bugs bite". In addition, I also hear at night, "You need to go to sleep, so you will be fresh for school and learn lots". Then in the morning I hear, "you have to get out of bed, to go to school, and learn so you can be successful." At first, and for the longest time, I went along with it and thought nothing of it. Until, I told my parents that I no longer wanted to hear these phrases because they meant nothing. So, for weeks they said other things to me - some I remember some I don't. Over those weeks something changed and I could not pinpoint it at first. Then I realized finally what it was.

I found that the phrases and words that my parents shared consistently over and over again, were words that helped me build a foundation (without me even knowing it until it was gone) for me to be determined and to be my best I could be. It was there silly way to say that they loved me, cared for me and wanted me to be the best; so that I could be happy, independent and successful.

So, while I and many of my friends often think our parents are being corny, strange, dumb, un-cool, un-caring, and flat out weird; in reality they are building a foundation for us to stand on our own and become strong willed determined adults who can then care and take care of others.

I now see that, and have begun to offer my friends special words of sentiments during tough times to let them know that I'm there for them. Our soccer team this year finally won the title - the first time in 7 years. I like to think that my determination made the difference.

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