Monday, July 6, 2009

Authors Actions - Determination!

Sharing together...Experiencing together...Learning together. We have heard view points from teens, educators and parents on determination. From this we can see that no matter what a person's age or education, everyone has something valuable to share; and it is when we are able to learn from each others experiences that we are then able to gain from each experience to better ourselves.
When we look at the bigger picture in each of our lives and look at what is important personally, determination is a very valuable quality which allows on-going benefits for all of us who utilize this trait. It is not something we are born with, it is something we learn, and know first and foremost that there is a need to be open to this principal playing in our lives. When we look at the dreams that we each have, we first need to be determined to achieve these dreams no matter whether you are a teen , educator or parent.

Within each of us, we all have aspirations, things of importance, things we are passionate about, and when we act on these by taking small or big steps of action, it is determination within us that plays itself out and helps us get through. With each individual, we come in contact with, we need to know and realize that there is a "best seller" inside everyone and tapping into that story is what it is all about. So, as we each share the information, the experiences that we have; this is where the value is and sharing that with others is where a difference will be made in someone else's life.
We are not talking about gossiping about your friend down the street or casting doubt on someone's abilities, we are talking about giving hope, encouraging words that provide seeds for growth in everyone, and the importance of consistency with this. So get determined, be determined and show your determination to yourself and others!

By Mark Hansen & Kevin Ferber

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