Monday, July 6, 2009

Parent Pulse - Determination!

Determination dictates our willingness to accomplish our goals. The harder we work at something with great passion the more are thoughts and dreams will determine are destiny, with positive results. If we are thinking positively and acting positively, anything is possible.

As a single mother of two teenage children in their teens it is not an easy task which has been assigned to me along with daily life decisions that need to be made. Since this is the path on the road to life I chose many years ago to get divorced and raise our children by myself to the best of my ability I am determined to raise my children to the best of each one of their ability. Since this is a challenging job it has been my choice to take parenting classes, talk with therapists, my mother and other friends/mothers with similar life styles and issues to hear what works and doesn't work. This doesn't mean when I ask for advice it is written in stone. Everyone needs to find what works for them. It is pleasing and important to provide positive goals for children daily. Some of those goals are love, safety/security, shelter/food, an appropriate education, and a shoulder to cry on or just to be there to listen. It is the determination and faith that I have in myself that helps me provide these traits that are best in life for them.

Sometimes I fail and have failed with decisions I have made until I decided to change my life style and the path of the road that I was taking and if I didn't my life stayed stagnant. My brain repeats over and over "It is the meaning of insanity...repeating the same mistakes over and over expecting differerent results."

I use these failed decisions as examples to correct the previous problem from re-occuring again. My decisions and actions change the result in the future by staying in the positive.

Even though life isn't always fair or unfair, if you keep a positive attitude and belief in yourself you will make a difference, the positive one that you had strived for.

Don't ever give up on determination, otherwise what do you have left?

By Lisa Hull

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