Monday, July 6, 2009

Life Is The Classroom!

It had been a dream of ours (Kevin & I) to provide valuable information and insights for bringing teens, parents, and educators together . It is important that we have a united effort and the time has come as we continue to develop are leaders for tomorrow. Over the next 7 months we will be talking about different traits for developing a winning life for parents, educators and teens.

Every month you will see that our newsletter 'Life is the Classroom' gives a perspective from each group (teens, parents, educators) from different parts of the country, sharing together , experiencing together and growing together. It is not a secret that education is the key to a successful society, and it is this newsletter that we feel will provide a much needed perspective on the direction of the future of our youth. This issue is about determination (discussions around) and the importance of making a solid commitment from each of us in the direction in which we wish to go, to live...

So, let's kick it off. In todays world with so many opportunities and choices and challenges, choices we each have to make, it is so important to comit yourself to what you want to acheive. We hear so often from youth, "How am I going to know what it is that I want to acheive?" Well, that is something that comes to each of us over time, the time we each give ourselves to explore are own interests and explore things we wish to pursue, time to explore the dreams we have for ourselves. Once we have this time, we are able to narrow are thoughts to the areas that really inspire us and encourage us enough to acheive it!! That is where your determination (your inner engine) comes into play because this determination is what will propel each of us on the path of what is most important to yourself.

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