Monday, July 6, 2009

Educator Enrichment - Determination!

Determination...probably one of the most powerful words we have...and why is that? We know whether or not we have determination ONLY when we have it. Otherwise, it is just one of those words we take pride in being able to pronounce, even though we may not have a clue what it means to possess this extremely valuable quality! In thought, it is related to the foundation of a building being built-- strong, solid, persistent, and projected to last through anything. Actually, determination is a characteristic that drives the process of achieving positive outcomes for our goals, our future and ultimately our destiny. We know that life is a journey, beginning with today, and ending when our work is finished here, and being determined is simply the act of resilient forward motion to carry out our plan to succeed at whatever it is we desire to achieve. Are you determined to finish school? -to get that great job? -to get along with others? -to conquer illness with good health?-to bring peace and happiness into our world? Regardless of the journey or the goal, determination is the vehicle we use to keep going toward short term and long term success!

Okay, HOW do we acquire being determined, you may be asking? Set your goals, plan with positive thinking, and do everything possible to make it happen. Be realistic, consider others along the way, play fair, work hard, and keep the vision alive with your persistence. When we reach our goals, that's great! Other times, we only come close, but much further than we even thought we could, and that's awesome! Then sometimes along the way, we discover accomplishing certain goals may no longer be worthwhile and need to be altered; how awesome to be in charge of your own path! Being determined with vigor and personal motivation allows us to discover something even better than was originally planned! Now that's achieving success with a positive outcome, the very purpose of determination!

It has been said that dreams are wishes of the heart, and it is determination that can put the plan in motion to make our dreams happen. Can you do it? Can you make the decision to pursue your dreams with enthusiasm as you journey through every day of your life? Absolutely, as long as you are determined to keep moving forward in a positive way in both thought and deed. Read, research, plan, and get started today making the most of your life-your determination really does make a difference!

By Laura Tomasello

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